Happy New year Fashion For Everyone

Tory’s mom wants Tory to go to one more night of skating before New Year’s Eve. Tory is reluctant because she is exhausted from competitive skating and needs sleep.

Santa Clause delivers Tory an outfit, and a long note: “Another night of skating will help make this New Year special! Love, Papa P”

Tory has a gut feeling that Papa will fly in to see her skate on New Year’s.

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Aimee had it all. She was a well-recognized fashion editor who commanded attention in every room she entered and was deep in the fast lane of her high-fashion life. To say that Aimee was your typical queen bee editor would be an understatement. Despite reports of her controversial decisions at work, her private life, full of parties, work bees and vacations to paradise, didn’t seem like it had any downsides- until it did.
Aimee’s reputation as an unforgiving fashion dictator only foreshadowed the sudden mental health crisis she found herself in on December 31st of last year. The number of unanswered calls became so unmanageable that she was embarrassingly forced to juggle them from burner phone to burner phone on 11/20/19. It got so bad that Aimee sometimes found herself yelling obscene words and launching into professional criticisms after one ring. It was all downhill from there. A vicious cycle of brutal
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A millennial is returning from a holiday in which her family and friends revealed some shocking cruelty and unkindness that had been happening to the millennial. Saying she’ll never be able to forgive them, but accidentally clunks into a young woman as she returns home. The woman yells, “why doesn’t anyone care about me?”
Before confronting the man who’s been stealing her insurance money, the woman tells the millennial in distress what happened: she was driving with a friend until a drunk driver rammed his car into her. She almost died, but miraculously survived. Yet right after hearing this, the friend who was with her jumped up, screamed “Stop looking at me! It’s not my fault!” before grabbing a scissors and stabbing himself repeatedly.
As they cried together out of empathy, they stumbled upon an empty pipe. The woman so touched from all that had happened bought it as a memory of what happened to them. And now needs time off from work for self-care

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