Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

What’s Christmas without a little bit of Christmas-time fighting. Different families, industries and communities are all fighting to get the upper hand and with Black Friday starting early, the mailboxes were full of rants on how to out and force your agendas upon those around you.
John decided he wouldn’t tolerate the noise. His life began getting progressively worse and worse. Constantly sick, unable to even spend time with his own family because he was too sick to leave his house, and always winter when it simply should not be winter again. As John met more people in denial about their behaviors that were becoming rooted in modern culture, most culminating at an office party where some demanding for universal Monday holidays.
A local pastor explained to John that Christmas was about joy, peace and goodwill – which defines all that is God’s will for man – but it manifests as love and good feelings. Once John realizes the influence he has on others; he starts changing his own life
What happens when you send someone on a mission to bring delight to people’s lives at Christmas, and they’re quickly forgotten by the entire world?
As a friendly couple, who likes to sing together, and had always done a show over the Christmas season, they thought it would be nice to do it again this year. Once they arrive, they get into town immediately only meeting one person. They with that person over the joys of singing softly (something the couple mastered making loud enough for 300 people who are sitting close together but not so loud as to disrupt others). After finally meeting another two people, one telling them their singing is too “tedious”, the second telling them that (D)ueting isn’t big in his country anyways, all of the sudden it seemed as if they were being tuned out by those those preoccupied with their plans and joys. Without anyone inviting them in or paying any attention of course they just keep walking their dog through all

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Singles’ Day is not for the lonely. For some, the celebration of singleness on 12th of November has become a way to push the negative stereotype of being single out of their mental space. The idea was multifaceted and includes a deep self-embrace, an admittance to friends and family that one is not married, and a consumerist mentality – just one day out of the year.
The story begins with her standing in line at Target with snow falling around her. Wandering down the path, they are bombarded by different sounds of what society would deem as “Christmas music”. The songs butterscotch are singing is sung by Bing Crosby: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas I could make you my business partner With lots of love on my side for you-how can anybody stand up under such happiness?”

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